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Karan Raj's gloriously opulent paintings suggest a fantastical world full of intricate detail, rich color, and jewel-like surfaces? Karan's unique technique, where pools of bright Acrylic paints are manipulated to the desired effect with a Indian color schemes and forms, meticulously enhances numerous details within the paintings, such as Yantra, Figures and flowers. Every painting is outlined with a single brush, a unique technique of painting. The great Indian culture, Tradition, values and colors?which is a source of inspiration to Karan Raj.
Born in Mumbai (August 15th. 1965).
Artistic qualification: Diploma in Fine Arts from Indian School of Fine Arts. Mumbai (2007).
Presently working as engineering instructor for Indian Aviation Industry. Mumbai.
Upcoming collection is based on yantras (which is a Sanskrit word for "Instrument"). Yantra function as revelatory conduits of cosmic truths. Yantra, as instrument and spiritual technology.
Though often rendered in two dimensions through his art, yantra are conceived and conceptualised by practitioners as multi-dimensional.
Certain yantra are held to embody the energetic signatures of, for example, the Universe, consciousness, The eye connects to the viewer's inner spirituality. The eyes are my gateway to the spiritual world and they connect us to inner sanctum.
Every time I look, at the eyes I am transferred to the deep mystical being Omni present in the universe and it creates the marvelous feeling of peace, growth and prosperity.
These are my thoughts and feelings?
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